Nodlin’s head is really, really big. You know when you’ve met your match, so you kneel before Nodlin and lay down your sword before his mighty chin.

“I came here in search of my king,” you cry, “but along the way, I found my new master.”

“Rise, warrior,” Nodlin commands. You do as your told and quickly stand before your freakish new lord. “Wipe the dirt off your groveling knee. We’ve got work to do!”

Together, you and Nodlin rule the twin kingdoms of Dankmore and Moredank, and their sister kingdom, Mankdore. He becomes Emperor, and your new title is Assistant Emperor. You bring forth a reign of peace and prosperity this land has never before enjoyed. Yes, Nodlin was evil, but the king you once fought so valiantly for was way worse, so thankfully he dies of dehydration in the Kidnapping Room.


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