You gingerly go over to the rear end and reach under that little protruding section of the back to open the trunk. You grip it firmly, but nothing happens.

You try again, and this time the trunk opens, but you’re sent flying over the car, landing on the hood with it.

“Twelve dollars is so not enough for this,” you mutter as you try to shimmy off. Unfortunately, the car doesn’t seem to be done with you. The hood opens and pushes you into the windscreen, which rather unhelpfully disappears, sending you inside. 

Saying the car smells horrible would be an understatement. It is like a thousand carcases were dumped inside and left to rot.

You reach for the seat and dashboard to try and pull yourself up, but they’re somehow extremely slippery and you fall right back down. 

“What the…?”

The car seems to laugh at your misery and you scream in rage. Still lying on the floor, you paw at the door handle and finally get it open.

You march to Shecky’s trailer and scream, “Not touching that car; keeping the money! See ya!”


–By Ajinkya Goyal, Innocently Macabre

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