Time to prank into action. You sneak back inside Poopie’s and crouch behind the counter. You pop back up with the pranksters’ greatest weapon: a shotgun. You fire round after round at the little demons, nailing a few right in the brains. In that moment, you remember one of the Grossblin rules: “They die when you shoot them with a gun.” Sweet.

Unfortunately, you run out of rounds and there are still about a dozen Grossblins who are not dead. You laugh nervously and try to sneak away, but they’re fast and enraged. The Grossblins leap across the store, flashing their sharp teeth as they pile onto you behind the counter! They’re biting your legs, clawing at your chest, playfully nibbling on your earlobes.

Whenever anyone asked how you wanted to die, you always smiled and said, “in as painful and ludicrous a way as possible.” In this moment, you learn a chilling lesson: Be careful what you wish for!


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