Something catches your eye at the mall restrooms. One of the Grossblins’ bodies is laying by the open mens room door, its clawed hands wrapped around its slimy neck. You suddenly remember one of the Grossblin rules: gas. They choke to death when they smell gas. That was one of the very memorable rules!

Time to prank into action. You sneak back inside Poopie’s and crouch behind the counter. There’s a cardboard box, which you tear open to reveal fart spray. You start tossing the spray bottles over the counter and onto the main floor. The Grossblins are intrigued. You hear them spray each other… and choking sounds! Yes, it’s working!

Or so you thought. When you stand up from behind the counter, you see them choking with laughter. These fart sprays are hilarious to them. Then you remember it’s sewer gas, not individual farts, that kill Grossblins. The bathroom pipes need serious repairs.

But it doesn’t matter, because the Grossblins are leaving the store. Nothing will top the fart sprays for them. They tip their heads to you as they leave, acknowledging you as an expert prankster. They’re off to destroy the rest of your town, so you’ll be sleeping in the back room tonight on the bean bag chair shaped like a boob.


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