There’s no way you’re going back inside Poopie’s with those disgusting little demons in there. True, you do have to deal with people’s bratty children at the store all day, but at least kids don’t have sharp teeth! Usually!

You run to the metal chain at the right of the store and quickly pull it. Before the Grossblins realize what’s happening, the aluminum security shutters are down. They’re trapped. The Grossblins punch and claw at the slats, but they can’t burst through. You book it to the mall parking lot and hope you dreamed the whole thing.

The next day, you wake up at 6:40 am to a phone call. The store owner wants to know why – when he came into the store this morning – he was practically mauled to death by a bunch of scaly monsters. You explain that by locking up the Grossblins, you prevented them from invading the rest of the mall and getting into town. Your boss says that’s noble of you, then fires you, then threatens to sue you.

Stopping a Grossblin invasion was worth this crummy job. Plus, word is that the local Goth Topic is hiring, and they offer dental insurance (for visible teeth)!


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