You raise the glass, then pour its contents on the floor. There are horrified gasps among the royals.

“I don’t need to drink this to know it’s poisoned,” you say triumphantly. “Wine doesn’t bubble.”

“It’s not wine, you most foolish of fools,” Nigel sniffs. “It’s wine mixed with naturally bubbling mineral water, a concoction I invented myself. I call it Fool’s Wine, you fool.”

“Then what’s with all the sinister hand wringing?” you ask.

“When the king endorses the taste, I will be rich, and the thought of being rich makes my hands rub together involuntarily,” he explains all too logically.

“You fool!” the king says, berating you in front of everyone, and rubbing in this whole “fool” thing. “I could be quenching my thirst this very moment!”

You sheepishly apologize to everyone in attendance, and personally pour a glass of Fool’s Wine for the king. The king tries it and immediately dies. It was poison! As the royals of both kingdoms slaughter one another for control of the continent, you casually sneak out a secret passage in the corner.

King Dankmore was kind of a dick. He… uh, deserved to die. Yeah, that’s the ticket…


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