You believe the curse of the milk snake rendered your father unable to write coherently so you decide to wing it. You ride Tyrannosaurus further into the city, until you reach the sewer where a large sewage wave whips by and rips the sled from Tyrannosaurus. 

“Nooooo!” you scream out as the work you and your family did in the last month is now for naught. 

A second wave of gross sewer water washes you and Tyrannosaurus into an open sewer hole! After a long fall, you crash into the even grosser water below. You stand up, mount Tyrannosaurus again, and look around. You find yourself in the massive three-story underground city of the sewer dwellers.

Outside is a small fortification and a guard stops you. “Halt there!”

“Sure,” you reply, and halt.

“Alright, I wanted to make sure you knew how to halt,” before he waves you into the town.

Despite being underground and in a sewer, the city has its charms. It smells like lilacs, but not so much that you’d feel sick. The drinking water here is actually more purified than above ground. And you accidentally stumble into a mayoral election debate and get elected the mayor of Sewer Town.

As you sit in your mayor’s office on your horse, you think about your family from time to time. Hopefully the Duke forgave their debts since you disappeared entirely. Truly, you belong down here. You have plans to reform the education system. You’ve introduced a major expansion to the arts budget. You’ve solved the housing crisis by making sure any government money going to house developments is going to affordable housing instead of speculative luxury apartments that are outside the price range of the average citizen. The citizens voted to cancel all future elections and made you Sewer Town Mayor for the Conceivable Future.


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