You squint at the instructions. Pa appears to be saying to head to “5almon Street Market,” and that is a “5.” It’s the name of a large 2 story building that seems to be carved from polished stone. You ride Tyrannosaurus in through the wooden front doors of 5almon Street Market, where a man made out of metal sits behind a desk. 

“You have entered into the Duke’s building! Tell me your business or I will destroy you!”

Not one to be threatened by a metal anything, you jump from the back of your horse and make a kick, breaking the metal figure in half. 

“None may threaten me!” you say in a defiant voice.

“Then if you wish to truly get your revenge, you must find me at the top of the building! Bwahahahahahaha!” replies a voice coming from a metal box that magically produces sound. “On each floor of this building is one of the strongest fighters in the world who works for me! You cannot get past all of them!” 

A door swings open and a sign above it reads, “To the Top of the Building”

In the first room is a turtle looking lady holding two long knives in her hands. “Yoooooooooooou caaaaaaaaaaan noooooooot–” she starts to say, but you pick her up by her shell before she can finish and place her on her back, defeating her.

A door opens leading to stairs. You ride up them on Tyrannosaurus. On the second floor is another door, but the stairs also continue, so you skip the second floor and reach the roof, carrying the sled behind you. On the roof is a man in a black cloak covered in regal medals, twirling his handlebar mustache in one hand and twirling his pointy beard with the other hand…

“So, you have beaten one of my warriors, and skipped the other! A very wise strategy indeed, stranger! But unfortunately your only crop now shall be misery! I am the dreaded Duke, the strongest land-owning fighter in the city! And I am also forcing anyone else who could stand against me to farm! Who are you to challenge me?”

You throw Tyrannosaurus at the Duke who is unable to avoid a horse. 

“I’m a farmer!”

With the Duke trapped under the horse, you shut down the oppressive farmer’s market system and make a new, better, egalitarian society of warrior farmers! And now you own the Duke’s building in the city, 5almon Street.


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