You squint at the instructions. Pa appears to be saying to head to “Salmon Street market,” and that is an “S.” 

You ask a local street guide where to find the famous market at Salmon Street. She looks you over once or twice as you sit atop your horse.

“The Salmon Street market is only for selling fish! Do you have any fish in your sled, farmer?” 

You remember your fish trees this month had been most generous, so you turn back to check if you’re carrying tree fish. What you see is shocking! Street urchins are absconding with the goods your family slaved over!

“Stop thieves!” you yell. When you do, your voice echoes through the stone buildings that fill in the city. As though an unnatural force grips the urchins, your voice causes them to seize up, frozen in place. You walk up to each of them and take back the stolen goods from them. Once everything is returned to your sled, you command them to “commit no more crimes!” The urchins, who simply did crimes because they wanted to, return to their jobs doing high finance. 

You turn back to the street guide and say, “Yes, I do have fish for sale. Please tell me where to go!” She is astounded by your amazing and commanding voice and gives you the directions that you need. Soon you find yourself at the Salmon Street market and even though you have more than just fish, your commanding voice helps you to sell it all, making enough for 3 months of rent to pay the Duke!


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