“Put down the pistol,” you instruct. “Let’s talk this through.”

“I won’t be talking,” he responds, laser pistol shaking in his hand. “But if you have any last words, now’s the time.”

“One of your guards saved my life. He released me from cryo and gave me this disk. I’d like to know what’s on it.”

He nods. You walk cautiously to the captain’s comm deck and place the circular disk into a slot. On the viewscreen is a video captured by the guard. Behind him is the ship in chaos.

“Cora, I hope you get this message. There’s very little chance I’ll escape the ship alive. Take care of Racel. I love you both. More than there are stars in the galaxy. You were right, I never should have… I’m sorry.”

The clip ends. The captain recognizes the guard and looks mournful.

“No,” the captain sighs, putting the laser pistol to his own head. “I’m the one who’s sorry, son.” 

“Don’t!” you scream. But a moment later, ash explodes all over the room. 

You take a few moments to process, then use the comm to send a surrender signal.


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