You follow the yellow path. Midway down the corridor another blast rocks the ship. You crouch your shoulders as you run to dodge flying sparks.

There’s a locked metal door ahead labeled “Authorized Access Only.”

“Not anymore,” you think, as you slam your electric prod into the door’s control terminal. The metal barrier whooshes up to reveal a panicked engineer in a computer closet. She’s attempting to fix the broken lobotomizer lights.

“Trying to erase our minds with those flashing red lights?” you ask.

“Captain’s orders,” she coldly replies. Then she turns and chucks her bolt extractor at your head. You swerve and it lands with a thud in the hallway outside.

You extract the electric prod from the terminal, then shock her unconscious. The engineer’s limp body is weighed down with heavy tools. It’s difficult to toss aside.

At the engineer’s control panel, you change the outside lights to flashing white. When the attacking ships see the surrender lights, they will hopefully stop firing and board.

Hobbling back down the yellow route, you look for your fellow spies. Maybe you saved the day. Who knows? But if you’re dying on this goddamn ship, you’d rather die with them.


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