“Screw this,” you frown. “The future of the world is at stake and my cholesterol is through the roof anyway. I’ll just go to ForeverSalads, even though I’m bored with their menu.”

You walk past both the mohawked and fibre optic haired versions of you. A swirling portal opens up underneath them, swallowing them both. They disappear back into the future.

You order the Quinoa Beet Parade Bowl at ForeverSalad. Today, you “beet” the future by making healthy choices and cutting back on fatty foods. Sure, the salad was a little too tart, and you threw away about 30% of it, and the cashier didn’t even smile when you told her it’s your birthday, but your body thanks you. 

Plus, thanks to the Butterfly Effect, eating that salad prevented the robot uprising. You’re a heart-healthy hero!


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