Your fragile marble frame hits the very top point of the wedge. The triangular block unexpectedly comes loose off the mountain. You trip into the now falling triangle, causing you both to tumble uncontrollably and haphazardly down the mountain! 

You soar over forests of deadly metal spikes, rows of rickety tubes, and unrelentingly spinning platforms. With hard thuds, you hit the floor of the room and bounce past the other marbles. Steely watches you in awe as you fly past him.

“There’s Steely,” you think to yourself. “My utterly useless friend.”

Just when you thought you were free and clear, there’s a wall ahead of you. It’s white with black dots and a thin line in the center. There’s no way to stop yourself. You crash glass-first into the wall. The wall hits another wall right behind it, and that wall hits another, and soon walls across the room collapse in a cacophony of clattering plastic. The hand tenses up in surprise.

This was the greatest act of rebellion ever committed by a marble. From this moment on, the other marbles will cease calling you Swirlie Burlie, on account of the swirl inside you. Henceforth, you shall be the marble known as… Liberator


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