Your fragile marble frame hits into the left side of the wedge. The angle you bounce at is sharp, flinging you to the precarious edge of this cruel mountain.

Spikes everywhere! You bounce aimlessly in a veritable forest of metal poles. You’ve seen these so called “nails” lying under couches to be sniffed by dogs. Now you know their true purpose: the death and destruction of marbles.

As luck would have it, two of the spikes are close together. Your body stops moving and rests between the poles. Salvation. You pray to the goddess Catseye and thank her for her limitless mercy. Now you can catch your breath, knowing you won’t have to endure another moment of the gauntlet.

Sure, the hand may come for you someday, but that’s a challenge for 15 seconds from now. As of this moment, you are at peace.


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