Your fragile marble frame hits into the right side of the wedge. The angle you bounce at is sharp, flinging you to the precarious edge of this cruel mountain.

Spikes everywhere! You bounce aimlessly in a veritable forest of metal poles. You’ve seen these so called “nails” lying under couches to be sniffed by dogs. Now you know their true purpose: the death and destruction of marbles.

When the spike gauntlet ends, you land in a flat surface. Is your ordeal over? Hardly. As the surface sinks under your weight, you realize this is a spinning platform. It manically twirls behind you, mocking you as you fall through the air. Unable to breathe, you pass out.

When you awaken, you’re at the very bottom of the mountain. You lie there, completely limp, scratched up, barely conscious… but in all your years as a marble, you’ve never felt more alive.


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