Your delicate marble body slams into the left side of the wedge. The angle you bounce at is wide, flinging you deeper into the mountain’s cruel abyss.

Colorful blocks to the left of you. Colorful blocks to the right of you. You bang against the wooden squares, rectangles, and even circles in this torture chamber devised by Mistress Gravity. No time to acknowledge pain. You must continue.

Oh no, a slippery plastic funnel! As you spin around the funnel’s edges at top speed, you slowly sink downward, closer and closer to the hole at the bottom. There’s no way to know what’s down there. What horrors lie in wait. You look up to catch one last glimpse of light before free-falling into the unknown.

Salvation. The hole is too narrow for your marble frame. You sit at the base of the tunnel, indefinitely stuck. Able to catch your breath. The hand may come for you, but that’s a challenge for 15 seconds from now. As of this moment, you are at peace.


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