Your delicate marble body slams into the right side of the wedge. The angle you bounce at is wide, flinging you deeper into the mountain’s cruel abyss.

You enter a darkened, rickety tube. Are these the “toilet paper rolls” of legend? Your body is flung from side to side in the pitch black. An unexpected dollop of glue causes you to jump in the air, but slamming into the top of the tunnel breaks your fall. Yay?

Outside the tube, you hit the first of many tilted horizontal planks, causing you to change directions with little notice. Forward. Backward. Forward. Backward. It’s more than one marble can reasonably endure. You pass out.

When you awaken, you’re at the very bottom of the mountain. You lie there, completely limp, barely able to breathe, only semi-conscious… but in all your years as a marble, you’ve never felt more alive.


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