You have selected Lay’s Classic potato chips for deletion from your Godbox.

Lay’s potato chips were introduced in 1931 by H. W. Lay. He sold them out of the back of his Model A Ford during the Great Depression. Lay turned this humble operation into a national brand. It was a true American success story, until you deleted it permanently from existence. Without the old-tasting classic Lay’s chip in the boring gold package, the far superior barbecue and sour cream & onion flavors never came out.

Lay becomes a traveling foot guard salesman, selling thin metal plates to other traveling salesman so they wouldn’t injure themselves when they put their foot in the door and the customer slams the door shut. Remember that from cartoons? Now, in the absence of Lay’s Classic potato chips, millions of traveling salesmen still roam the earth, drinking cheap whiskey in hotel rooms, lugging bibles and mechanical brassiere racks from town to town.

You have freed up 14 omnipobytes of space.

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