There’s a button on the right handle of your jetpack that says “Juice It!” You hit the button and fly high into the air. Wind in your hair. Bugs in your teeth. Exhilarating!

You level off at 7,000 feet. In the near distance, a commercial aircraft is headed in your direction. It’s probably getting ready to land, but you’re up in the air having a grand ol’ time. 

Always the daredevil, you decide to fly right towards it! You zoom past the many passenger windows as people look on in awe. As you fly, you perform a corkscrew spin, which you heard was a real crowd pleaser. Every child on that plane is going to want their own jet pack, and they’re all going to bug their parents about it for years to come – all thanks to you.

The “Low Kerosine” light blinks on the control pad. You’ll have to land soon. So before the plane gets too far away, you race back to the wing and hold on tight. Free ride to the airport! You’ll pick-up Chili’s 2 Go for the whole family. To let them know you care.


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