You pocket the sunshard and bolt for the back exit. Marjorie is hot on your trail. You’re about to touch the metal back door, which leads to a lovely little alley perfect for escaping those you’ve wronged, but Marjorie throws a fireball at it! Now it’s glowing bright red. 

You turn around. Marjorie grabs you by your front robes, lifting you high into the air.

“Please don’t kill me,” you plead, something you’ve found yourself saying a lot lately. You wonder if you’ve been making good life choices.

“You forgot your receipt,” Marjorie explains. She drops you, then gives you a tiny piece of paper that reads, “Wyndchymes… ½ gold pyece… Thank you for shoppying wyth us.” Apparently, Marjorie didn’t even notice you stole the crystal when you bought relaxing wyndchymes from her. She’s just very peculiar about receipts.

You thank her kindly, then walk out the back door. The door has cooled down some, so you only burn your hands a little bit. Time to deliver this powerful sunshard to Mt. Destructor and into the waiting claws of Dark Lord Azergooth, who plans to destroy all the kingdoms. You’ll get a really good price for it at his pawn shop!


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