You walk over to the balding police officer with a confident stride.

“I know who did a murder here!” you state, loudly.

“Oh really? You do? That would be super helpful to know,” he says.

Lana, Denise, Spike, and Tiki Dan all perk up.

“Denise is a Hawaiian shirt dealer. I bet she wanted Benny dead, so she could steal his prize-winning shirt!”

“That’s a motivation,” Denise explains, “I’ll give you that. But it’s not proof I murdered him.”

“You want proof? There’s proof right over there… at the bottom of my Scorpion Bowl.”

You quietly slink back to the bar and drink the entire Scorpion Bowl by yourself. Between the delicious drink, accusing someone of murder, and winning a state in the presidential primary, you’ve had a pretty darn good day!


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