You crack your knuckles, then grab the steering stick of your PT Starcruiser. Time to see if Spaceship Consumer’s “Best Starship for Light Grocery Runs” can handle rough terrain. 

A big asteroid barrels toward your ship’s windshield. It gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Your eyes narrow. With lightning fast up and forward motions, you dodge the asteroid. Phew!

The rocks are everywhere. A few smaller stones bounce off your energy field as you duck and dodge the larger rocks. Ooof! You feel the impact as they rock your rickety ship.

Asteroid to the right – dodged. Asteroid to the left – swerved. Asteroid to the right again – dodged, then swerved. Now you’re just showing off.

Ten heart-pounding minutes later, you’re in the clear. The asteroids are gone and you’ve got a clear path to your destination.

As you enter the neon-colored atmosphere of Planet Hollywood Planet, a smiling reservation host pops up on your vid screen.

“Welcome to Planet Hollywood Planet,” she says with two mouths simultaneously. “Would you like to stay in our new hotel that’s shaped like a giant guitar pick?”

“As long as there’s a cool skull and flames painted on the side – I’m in,” you smile. Welcome to paradise.


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