You have had concerns in the past about your ability to do simple tasks, like reach the really high shelves, pull loose forks from the back of the dishwasher without needing to pull out the dish rack, remembering which seat you reserved at the movie theater without needing to check your ticket. Your 5 milligram soul is urging you to wish for power and the duck djinn honks loudly.

“You now have the power that ducks all wish for!” states the djinn.

You blink and suddenly beams of pure force emit from your eyes without ceasing. The tree that was in your vision path is instantly disintegrated. You blink again and the beam stops. 

“Holy shit!” you scream.

“Yes. This is the deepest desire of every duck. Optic blasts. Enjoy!” honks the djinn before disappearing back into the lamp.

You sigh and blink, chasing off a Canadian goose who wandered into the wrong pond with your optic blasts.


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