While you have desired fame in the past, it has been for good reasons, like spreading word about your friend’s crowdfunding projects, so your soul is light. You’ve never understood the belief that there can be too much fame or being too well known. So when you wish for fame, the duck djinn who was pulling at a loose feather suddenly regains focus and honks to you.

“You are now the most famous human alive in the duck community!” the djinn states.

The following weeks, when you walk to the pond with some healthy kale, the ducks bow their heads in reverence. They whisper in surprise that you’d deign them with a visit. Ducklings drop posters of you and sharpies at your feet. And at the end of the month, thousands of ducks start dragging new magic lamps outside your door.

Your duck fame is enormous and your apartment hallway is soon overflowing with duck lamps. But as weird as things have become, at least you know you are well liked in the duck community.


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