Greed has weighed down your soul. You think back to your tight bank account and the bills coming up and wish for great wealth!

With a loud honk the duck djinn announces, “Yes, wealth, a most important choice!”

The djinn flaps its wings and you find yourself inside a bank vault. You’re surrounded by boxes. As you look excitedly in the boxes for cash, all you find are gross looking insects.

“This isn’t money,” you say in shock to the djinn and in return the insects hiss at you.

“This is the duck equivalent to millions of human dollars, all transferred to you!”

“I was expecting human money that I could spend,” you dejectedly reply, but the djinn vanishes back into the lamp without answering. 

When you leave the bank, you find that everything has changed in the world. The global currency is now gross insects. You think about how fickle this world is as you pull out a few pillbugs to pay for a coffee. 


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