Shocked by the entire situation and the incredibly awkward position you’ve been put in, you stammer out, “I don’t want a wish.” 

The duck djinn looks upon you with an intense curiosity. “Is there nothing you desire in this world? Have all of your earthly needs and desires been met? Do you not dream of cities filled with worshippers all across the world or the ability to leap over mountains?” it quacks.

The djinn’s questioning reminds you of your current state as a relatively ordinary person in the world, doing good where you can, making human flaws, and sometimes months or even years later being haunted by those flaws. But you become even more certain of your choice.

“I am in a position where I choose to feed ducks in my free time with healthy kale. What more can you offer that is better?”

The djinn considers this for several moments before agreeing with a loud quack and vanishing back into the lamp. You’ve got your kale and your duck friends, who needs more in this life?


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