You press the “&” pillar, and it sinks back into the ground. You had a strong feeling it was a wordplay puzzle: “I am not part food” (hash-tag), “I am not part coin” (per-cent), and “I am part what surrounds us” (amper-sand).

It did seem a little odd the riddle would be based on English language puns in this ancient monolith. All the more reason to remember to buy a gun for the next adventure. There’s no need to answer a riddle when you have a gun!

“Your answer was… correct,” says the Sfynks. “Now I will give you a great treasure.”

In a puff of smoke, the Sfynks disappears into the shadows. On the ground where it stood lies a small, glimmering gold plate with a series of numbers on it. This was the treasure you were hoping to find, which you were willing to brave the desert heat and risk your life to acquire.

The entrance reopens and you’re free to leave this curious place. It’s now nighttime. As you walk home, the glowing moon lights up the deep blue sky. It’s tricky, but you manage to type the numbers from the plate into your phone, and then…

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But really, who can put a price on adventure?


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