You press the “#” pillar, and it sinks back into the ground. The Sfynx probably wants to generate some social media buzz with a trending hashtag. Will the ancient treasures you’re about to receive include a solid gold Samsung Galaxy with the Twitter app pre-installed? If not, would they accept a gold scepter as payment at a Best Buy? You could really use a new phone!

“Your answer was incorrect,” says the Sfynks. “Now I must devour you…”

The Sfynks leaps into the air! You crouch down and put your arm over your head! Yikes!

The Sfynks lands behind you, then walks over to a stone up against the wall. It pushes the stone to reveal a seasonal treat that looks like tree bark. The Sfynks paws the dessert over to you.

“I must devour yule log. Not ‘you,’ but rather, a chocolate yule log. Tis’ the season, after all. Want a piece?” asks the Sfynks.

“Absolutely,” you reply. It’s actually mid-August, but what the hell.

You share the most tasty yule log ever. The flavors of chocolate icing, sponge candy, and raspberry icing swirl in your mouth. It’s so delicious, you knew as the flavors hit your tongue that you’d never eat a better dessert in your life. That’s why you were so cool with the Sfynks eating you shortly thereafter.


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