You press the “%” pillar. After all, the word “parts” was used a bunch, and percentages are parts. The pillar sinks back into the ground. You wonder if there will be a gold crown in the treasure pile you’re about to win, and if so, will you need to get it fitted?

“Your answer was… incorrect,” says the Sfynks. “Now I must kill you.”

The Sfynks leaps into the air! You crouch down and put your arm over your head! Eep!

The Sfynks lands behind you, then walks over to a stone up against the wall. It pushes the stone to reveal a copy of the classic 1986 board game Fireball Island. The Sfynks nudges the game over to you. This Mouse Trap meets Indiana Jones game looks to be in excellent condition. Remarkably, all the little fireball marbles are still in there.

“I must kill you – at this very fun board game,” Sfynks clarifies.

“Oh, we’ll see about that!” you reply.

Together, you play Fireball Island dozens and dozens and dozens more times. You never find a way to escape the Pyramid of One Monster, but the monster has an endless supplies of Cheez-Its and RC Cola, so why would you ever want to leave?


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