You dramatically tap a few buttons on the right arm of your swivel chair.

“Medical Officer Bennigans. Can you beam down into President Lightly’s office and offer up some quick plastic surgery? It’s really hard to look at a face with a corkscrew nose that’s spewing ink, y’know?”

Science Officer Dubbledink casually whispers in your ear.

“Oh, and can you check to see if Fnip’s been poisoned? That slime might be poison.”

Bennigans gives President Lightly a quick check-up, then a quick Baargarian Heimlich for a quick life saving. Turns out Dubbledink’s hunch was right. Lightly was poisoned for supporting Aargel’s entrance into NAP. “X” is their emergency medical symbol. Bennigans saved Lightly’s life, and because you took credit for it, you saved Lightly’s life.

After a diplomatic meeting and luau, Aargel was admitted into NAP. As a result, you got a substantial pay raise, a cushy executive gig at NAP HQ, and the NAP Medal of Greatness.

Bennigans got a cookie cake that said “thanks.”


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