Time travel is super fun, but it can’t solve every problem. On the other hand, magic can solve every problem. Scrooge will feel the spirit of the holidays when you zap it into him with your ghost magic.

“HOLIDAY FORCE ACTIVATE,” you exclaim, hand outstretched to the heavens!

There’s a strong gust of wind. Mistletoe grows from the cracks in the floorboards and onto your body, forming plant armor. A sword made of pure light forms in your hands. Before Scrooge can react, you stab him in the heart with your light sword!

You pull out the sword. He stumbles backward. His body glows an angelic white. He cries shimmering tears.

“I don’t know why, but… all of a sudden… I feel this strange need to put up a Christmas tree, hum seasonal tunes, and give useless baubles to everyone I know,” Scrooge stammers. “To be clear… I won’t be more generous… but I have learned to conform my behavior around this time of year to what others expect of me…”

You smile broadly. Your work here is done.


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