Scrooge has seen first hand how he’s affected his ex-fiance Belle and the deathly ill boy Tiny Tim, but he’s never given a thought to how his anti-Christmas stance affects the ghosts in his life.

Using the power of magical hand gestures, first you take Scrooge to meet Christmas Past’s beloved Aunt Tina on a ghost cruise. She never gets to spend time with Christmas Past for the holidays, thanks to misers like Scrooge, so she has to go on luxury cruises to exotic locales in order to distract herself from the sadness.

Then you whisk him off to meet Christmas Present and Christmas Future’s former ghost college roommate Roger, who they affectionately call “Big Willy T.” It’s an inside joke that’s hard to explain. Roger tells Scrooge that he can’t hang with “ma’ boys” on Christmas because they have to work. And that’s “fucked up, man.” 

Finally, you take Scrooge to meet your ghost coworker James. You and James work as social media managers for a ghost-run ad agency called I Ain’t Afraid of No Us. It’s a clever name that demonstrates the playful personality of the agency’s brand. Anyway, James is bummed you missed the office party, where everyone ate ghost cake and received $10 gift cards to non-ghost Starbucks.

After your journey, you ask Scrooge if he’s learned anything about being more generous on Christmas.

“No, but how about I just say I did?” Scrooge offers. “That works for all of us, right?”

You accept his offer. After all, unsatisfying compromises is what Christmas is all about.


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