As you inch your blade closer to Vinny’s throat, your hand trembles a little.

“You PUKE of a man,” you grunt. “Where the hell is my DVD-VCR combo player?”

“You’re pissed about this ugly situation,” Vinny empathizes. “But you’ve got it all wrong. I don’t know nothin’. In fact, I know less than nothin’. I know negative information, I swear!”

Frightened, Vinny gives you his 10% off coupon for the local Goodwill. It’s better than nothing, and the coupon doesn’t expire, so that’s cool. Maybe you’ll get lucky thrifting. You’ve seen waffle makers on those shelves, so anything’s possible!

Maybe Vinny did know something, but in retrospect, would a DVD-VCR combo player be worth killing a man for? Even if you did have the original remote?


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