Your eyebrows furrow as you inch your blade closer to Vinny’s throat.

“I’ve had my FULL of your whining,” you smile, until you realize… “Fill. I’ve had my fill, rather. Now where the hell is my DVD-VCR combo player?”

“You’re furious when you’re ugly,” Vinny squeals. “Okay, I’ll talk. No lyin’ and no lacerating, okay? It was Bruno the Video Thief. I heard him brag about the score at our weekly goon movie¬†night. We wanted to watch the Roger Corman Fantastic Four on bootleg VHS, the way it was never meant to be seen.”

As you walk away, Vinny breaks down crying. Later that night, Bruno cries when he gives you back your DVD-VCR combo player. And you cry watching the Snorks episode where Dimmy gets bullied for doing ballet. Many a tear was shed tonight.


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