The automatic doors open. The crowd runs through the entrance. The clerk leaps out of the way in a panic, crashing into a cardboard cut-out of Tim Allen! 

You battle your way through the crowd of disgruntled, sleep-deprived shoppers. Every step is a struggle, but you manage to push past the slower, duller shoppers. You funnel through the entrance and elbow your way through the Kmart crowds. You pass a Monster Energy drink cooler, the John Cena t-shirt display, and a tower of throw pillows with the word “Relax” written on them in glittery cursive – all the way to the toy aisle.

There’s one Sock Puppet left! The box looks like it’s been through hell, and there’s a bright red sticker on it that reads, “Defective?” But you don’t care. This is what you kid wanted and you’ve got it!

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