You head to the fridge and pull out your batter for making flapjacks and ladle on about 5 cups of batter that spread and begin to cook on the griddle. The batter bubbles as the first sides cook through and you flip them over, revealing their beautiful golden brown sides. 

After another minute or so, you check and then stack the fully cooked pancakes onto a plate and bring it out along with a silverware set to the Grim Reaper. You pull out the syrup dispenser and some cold-from-the-freezer packets of butter. 

The Grim Reaper carefully unwraps the butter, and sticks a stick between each pancake layer before leaving one on top. By the time the final one is plated, the melted butter from the bottom pad has started to run down the side. The Grim Reaper picks up their fork and begins to cut. 

“Do you not use maple syrup?” you ask.

“I do,” they reply. “But then, are you saying this is the actual thing and not just some fake maple flavored corn syrup?”


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