The clock runs out on the auction. When the digital dust settles, you have the highest bid at 100,000 gold. You won! You crushed Galzor under the weight of your ludicrously high bid!

Unfortunately, 100,000 gold is way more than Moredank or its Wizard Council has in the bank. The town descends into 1000 years of financial darkness. The old king is deposed. King eBay the First begins his reign, forcing all citizens to sell everything they own to pay down the town’s debt: butter churns, family jewelry, even the town’s beloved mascot, Dinky Donkey.

Yes, it’s a sad day in Moredank, but it’s always sad there. They don’t have a proper spring. And you prevented Galzor from taking over, which would’ve been way worse. He has a pitchfork that he uses to poke bottoms!


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