You think about the Mighty Ogre’s challenge for a moment. As you stare at the print-at-home certificate in superhero life coaching you got from Whynot College, inspiration strikes. 

“You need to think about what value you bring to a hero team outside of your power set,” you advise. “Tell me, what does The Mighty Ogre stand for?” 

He scratches his head with a spiked club, thinking it over.

“I’m proficient in smashing,” he responds. “In the field of battle and in the bedroom. I’ve been praised by ordinary humans, men and women, as a powerful and giving lover.”

“I think that could give you an interesting niche on a team. You could become a warrior for sex positivity. And I’m happy to be your ‘sidekick’ on this mission. My services are just $9,780 for a 6 month counseling package that includes a t-shirt.”



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