You think about The Mighty Ogre’s challenge for a moment. As you stare at the print-at-home certificate in superhero life coaching you got from Whynot College, inspiration strikes. 

“You’re a superhero, and as such, your inner sanctum is a reflection of your self-worth. Tell me, what condition is your lair in currently?” you advise.

He turns to look behind him. His broad blue shoulders shrink.

“It looks like I lost a fight with Tornadosaurus in here,” he jokes. “I need some new furniture. Like a chair that won’t break the minute I sit on it.”

“I think before you can help a team, you need to learn how to help yourself. And I’m happy to be your ‘sidekick’ on this mission. My services are just $9,780 for a 6 month counseling package that includes a t-shirt.”



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