You think about The Mighty Ogre’s challenge for a moment. As you stare at the print-at-home certificate in superhero life coaching you got from Whynot College, inspiration strikes. 

“I’m going to give you my read of this situation,” you advise. “You describe yourself as ugly. You’ve experienced a lot of rejection and humiliation at the hands of superheroes. Ogres are typically bad guys in fiction. Do you see where I’m headed with this?”

He scowls at you, fangs bared. 

“I do. You look at me and see a villain, like everyone else. Even though I once saved fifty children from being eaten by a shapeshifting school bus. I’m an ogre, so I must be evil, right? Part of an inherently barbaric, savage people? Maybe it’s not me who needs help. Maybe it’s you,” exclaims the Mighty Ogre, before ending the call.  

You write an apology card to The Mighty Ogre. Then you do the work. You read books about the way ogres are treated in society, volunteer with ogre rights groups, and patronize ogre businesses. You won’t let ogre prejudice be your kryptonite!


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