The bald man tells you and your heroes to visit farmer Omorn’s field, next town over. Omorn was a wizard who retired for the simple farm life. When you arrive, the elderly wizard is grateful for your help. To catch these mischievous, carrot-eating monsters, you’ll need legendary Shoes of Quickness, which he sells to you all for a modest fee.

As you step onto the fields, ready to get rich, the shoes move on their own – running past the field, down the road, and back to Deceiptville. When you try to go back to Omorn’s field to confront the wizard, the whole farm has disappeared. Motherf–

Lose up to 80 gp

If the gig feels too good to be true, it might be you who’s getting “worked.”

If this is your third quest: Add up all your gold, then click on the corresponding ending.

Otherwise, return to the email for more quests.

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