The bald man sends your party to the backroom of the tavern, which has an “Assassin’s Guild ONLY – NO Non-Assassins” sign on it. When you enter the dark room, a man in a red cloak steps forward. He instructs you to eliminate the Mayor of Deceiptville tomorrow night, when he least expects it: right before the Mayor sets fire to the town orphanage and pet shoppe. He’s a sick dude! That’s how you get to be mayor of the most corrupt town in the country.

You ice the Mayor. Crossbow to the brain. Easy. The Assassin’ Guild pays you for your trouble. (All the other assassins were at Murder-Con this weekend.)

Gain 250 gp

This was an illegal gig, as murder tends to be, but not a scam!

If this is your third quest: Add up all your gold, then click on the corresponding ending.

Otherwise, return to the email for more quests.

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