The bald man instructs you to break into Deceiptville Jail to release Henry the Alchemist. You stay up late into the night formulating a plan. Every adventurer is given a specific role to execute. The cleric shines a heavenly light where there is darkness. The acrobat scales the jail walls. The barbarian acts out of turn and bursts a hole in the wall, freeing Henry instantly.

Henry is grateful and pays handsomely. He was accused of poisoning Fredrick, the dealer of magical items, an entirely baseless claim. Henry has poisoned many people – like his three uncles, for example – but never Fredrick. They play cards together!

Gain 100 gp

This wasn’t a scam. In Deceiptville, it might not even be against the law?

If this is your third quest: Add up all your gold, then click on the corresponding ending.

Otherwise, return to the email for more quests.

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