The bald man points you to the corner of the bar, where a headless man sits on a stool. He shrugs his shoulders at a beer in front of him. Your party searches the town for a loose head. There are no human heads stuck in any trees, gutters, or dog mouths. 

Desperate, your party goes to the local psychic. What luck! The psychic trapped the man’s head in a glass orb and forced it to tell rhyming fortunes. Apparently the psychic and the man were dating and the break-up was messy. You reunite the man’s head with his body, in exchange for being the psychic’s wing-team at the bar.

Gain 50 gp

You didn’t lose your head – or money – over this one.

If this is your third quest: Add up all your gold, then click on the corresponding ending.

Otherwise, return to the email for more quests.

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