The votes are in. KOZOR is headed to the antique shop in Old Timey Town!

The giant robot jettisons out of their trillion dollar island headquarters, zipping across the Pacific Ocean at hypersonic speed. KOZOR blazes across the continental US to land in Death Village, Michigan. There in front of you is a sight to behold: a 35 foot long, 17 foot high mounted M47 automatic grenade launcher, and before you ask: yes, it’s got a laser rangefinder and an integrated fire control system. Duh. The US military spent $1.2 billion on this prototype, then realized it served no practical purpose other than as a tourist trap.

Through an intercom, Don asks a soldier guarding the grenade launcher if KOZOR can fire it. The soldier says absolutely not. Under no circumstances. Never in a million years, he adds. No way, no how. That would be a negative on that one. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen. Neverino. No, no, no, until the gigantic tentacle lamelien shows up in town, at which point he literally begs you on his knees to use it, groveling at your tremendous steel feet.

You didn’t escape from work on your spring break, but at least you got to fire a very, very big gun!


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