The votes are in. KOZOR is headed to the antique shop in Old Timey Town!

The giant robot jettisons out of their trillion dollar island headquarters, zipping across the Pacific Ocean at hypersonic speed. KOZOR blazes through the desert and lands in Old Timey Town in Arizona, conveniently located two hours from the 10 highway. The place looks just the old west, if the old west had ample parking, a fountain, and a Sbarro’s next door to a Jimmy John’s.

KOZOR uses its thrusters to drop down in front of Claudia’s Treasures, rattling the ground and frightening two yappy Pomeranians. Claudia comes out with a curated selection of quality antiques. The giant robot carefully, delicately rifles through her Garfield mugs. They have one where Garfield says, “Mondays are the Nermal of Days,” and another where he describes coffee and lasagna as a “balanced breakfast.” 

Claudia lets you have the complete collection of 8 mugs for $50, because Maya is a shrewd negotiator who could easily blow up all of Old Timey Town in seconds. Spring Break: Accomplished!


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