The votes are in. KOZOR is headed to the Dark Side of the Moon!*

The giant robot leaves the atmosphere and blasts off into outer space. In a matter of minutes, the lightning fast craft encircles the moon to find the Dark Side outdoor dance club. The moon dudes are raging! Their glow stick antennae change color as they dance and drink moonjitos.

KOZOR activates its move-busting protocol, performing the robot, the android, and the cyborg, then repeating those three steps in an infinite loop. The human-sized moon dudes are freaked out by the enormous robot, which could step on them at any minute. They flee!

“No, come back!” shouts Jade through an intercom. “We brought enough Earth molly for everyone.”

As KOZOR chases after the fleeing moon dudes, Jade ogles their big butts jiggle as they run. Their hard, juicy moon rocks will be bouncing in her dreams for weeks to come…


* If you read this ending while playing disc 2 of Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd, you’ll find they sync up perfectly, assuming there’s a scratch on your copy like there is on mine.

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