The votes are in. KOZOR is headed to Mt. Fuji!

The giant robot flies through the sky over the Pacific Ocean. KOZOR easily ascends the snowy peak and enters the mouth of the volcano. It’s not too long before the robot makes contact with the lava flows inside. The ship gets noticeably hotter, but not unbearably so. 

“It works!” Gary shouts, excitedly. “My lava-proof paint works!” 

As he says that, the right foot instantly melts off KOZOR, killing 7 teen pilots.

“Oh shoot,” Gary remembers. “I forgot to paint both feet.”

Gary is fired from KOZOR and charged with criminal negligence. After the funeral, you agree to take KOZOR to the far safer Hello Kitty theme park. And it’s a fun trip, all things considered. You get a group photo with Badtz-Maru! 


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