You’ve sent 25 letter blasts into the space grid. You’ve managed to light up many of the squares with green and yellow energy fields, but it feels a bit anticlimactic. You want to light a whole row green! That will look super pretty… and, uh, the science of it all would be good, too.

You zap the last five grid spaces with what feels like a solid guess. There’s a long, terrifying pause. Then, one by one, the squares light up like shining emeralds on a QVC necklace. A full, beautiful row! It’s what you’ve always wanted for the past few minutes! 

You take a lot of pictures to share on Twitter. The other scientists in the station do the same thing, flooding the timeline with pictures of green and yellow squares. Some Twitter users get annoyed seeing what looks like the same image over and over again, but screw them. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished. Squares are now colors, and it’s all thanks to words.


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