Your telecommunication laser lights up the floating energy grid with green and yellow balls of lightning. This is the most reckless experiment you’ve ever conducted as a word scientist and it’s making you unexpectedly horny.

Soon, all 30 of the grid squares are lit up with different colors. Nothing else happens, so you stop. Chief Science Officer Whinethropp breathes a sigh of relief on the view screen.

“Thank you for heeding my order and stopping the experiment,” Whinethropp smiles. “I knew I could count on you to be a team player. I think you deserve a R-A-I-S-E.”

You smile and nod and accept more money. But deep down, you have a hunch that the grid will reset itself in a few hours. If you can recalibrate the telecommunication laser with more A’s and S’s, you’ll soon have a shot at wordemption.


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